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Vitaly Krivitsky | CEO

Specialized with laboratory networking, provides technological solutions to scientific projects.

Vitaly Krivitsky

Advisory Board

Prof. Fernando Patolsky

Patolsky’s work has been recognized by a number of awards including the Tel Aviv University Applied Sciences Award (2009), the Alon Fellowship award (2006) and the Schmidt Prize (2005). He has published over 70 highly cited papers in peer-reviewed journals and has more than 20 submitted patents. In addition, Patolsky is also the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Nanobiotechnology. After many years of research, Patolsky is still excited when a new idea comes up to mind, or when observing the results of a successful experiment.

Dr. Boris Filanovsky

Over 130 scientific publications, including over 25 Russian patents and 23 US and WO patents.

Boris Filanovsky

Dr. Vadim Krivitsky

Researcher at Tel-Aviv University

Vadim Krivitsky

Our Office

Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Eli'ezer Kashani

[email protected]


Labnonstop performs research and development on scientific startups and specialized in micro and nano fabrication, elecro analysis and storage, synthetic chemistry, nano materials, physical and chemical analysis, mechanical and laser process, culture Cells, 3D printing.


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