R&D Of Nanotechnology Applications

R&D For Nanotechnology Applications

We can see today many available comertial products in the nanotechnology field, for example, cancer treatments with targeted drug delivery which makes the treatment more effective and safer, fuel economy with strong and lighweight materials, monitoring and packaging which makes safer food, cleaner drinking water around the globe, faster computers with big amounts of storage, increase in solar panel efficiency, and more. All this incredible applications were found due to intensive R&D, with the best scientists in the world. Our team work is focused in the development and research of novel applications and technologies, starting from basics of the nanoscience, to the development of ultrasensitive sensors and biosensors for the detection of molecular and biomolecular species. This developments eventually transform into applications like supersensetive detection of explosives, drugs, cancer treatment and more.

We are participating in several funding programs and writing grants for the EU, however research centers and investing companies who are interested in the latest nanotechnology applications are most welcome to see our R&D capabilities, team achievements and eventually to consider collaborating with us by means of investments, long/short-term work contracts.

Why you should collaborate with us ?

Future nanotechnology applications

Scientific team with wide range of patents

Dedicated laboratories, equipment and clean rooms

Scientific Writings And Publications

Si Nanowires Forest-Based On-Chip Biomolecular Filtering, Separation and Preconcentration Devices: Nanowires Do it All


Supersensitive fingerprinting of explosives by chemically modified nanosensors arrays


Antigen-Dissociation from Antibody-Modified Nanotransistor Sensor Arrays as a Direct Biomarker Detection Method in Unprocessed Biosamples


Structure–Function Correlation of Aminated Poly(α)glutamate as siRNA Nanocarriers


Multicolor Spectral-Specific Silicon Nanodetectors based on Molecularly Embedded Nanowires


Molecular Weight-Dependent Activity of Aminated Poly(α)glutamates as siRNA Nanocarriers