Micro and Nano Fabrication ServicesMicro and Nano Fabrication Services

Micro and Nano Fabrication Services

Microfabrication Capabilities

We can help your startup from the r&d process, to the product prototype stage, while considering the cost effective goal, we will reduce the traditional manufacturing cost you experiencing right now, with the help of our r&d experts in the nanotechnology field.

Our expert team and technicians decided to focus thier capabilities and lab resources for industry needs, and offer microfabrication services to perform processes such as:

  • Atomic layer deposition
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • Wire Bonding
  • Nanoimprint lithography
  • Membranes manufacturing
  • Semiconductor device fabrication
  • Mask Production
  • Nano manufacturing

Why to use our microfabrication services?

Advanced Knowledge & Experience

Our consultants gained a lot of experience and knowledge while working in different industries, and performing R&D over 25 years in applied science and nanotechnology.


While performing research and development on our clients projects we are maintaining absolute research confidences, We don't make IP claims over the research.


Our wide range of facilities and laboratory equipment helps us to perform R&D on our client's projects, and based on the size of the project we assemble and plan what equipment will be used.

Wide range of experties

our team knowledge divided to many fields in applied science and nanotechnology, it is described in more details in our list of experties and consulting fields:

Equipment For Microfabrication