The duty of scientific consultant


Many startup companies in some point encounter problems that could be solved with advices or recomendations from an experienced person who is usually called a consultant.

Startups in nanotechnology that requier R&D are conducted by other scientists or project managers but sometimes thier knowladge or skills are not enought to solve major problems, sometimes, more experiments and special equipment needed, and here is where, scientific consultants appear.

They can recommend for the right tools and techniques needed for the optimal solution.

Expect to receive alot of critics, and you probably will, about the current ways that are used in your research, some critics you might not like, but belive me they are coming from years of experiense.

Consultation is given while considering many aspects of security, history cases, wide rande of expertise, and years of experiense in applied science.

Therefore mutual understanding and accepting criticism is very crucial for the success of your scientific R&D, and of course everything is conducted while keeping absolute confidentiality.