Benefits of lab equipment rental


It can be very frustrating sometimes when researcher in a lab need to use some expensive equipment that he cant afford.

Many scientists experience this problem every day, but we can see today that more of them are becoming very happy when they hear about laboratories who are willing to share or rent lab equipment.

This approach however is not new, as we can see more awareness about lab equipment rental, people are leasing and providing access to instruments without needing to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars up front.

One of our team members suggested to implement this approach and after a while we started to see how it helped many young startups to gain access to new advanced equipment and benefit from quality R&D.

When we saw that it works well, for the clients and lab owners we decided to maintain this approach and continue this service, that conducted under experienced tecnicians and supervision.

We never take risks especially in this field. therefore we decided for technician supervision, even if our clients are doctors and know how to use the equipment.