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Labnonstop is a professional scientific consulting company in applied science and nanotechnology, with advanced R&D capabilities, labnonstop links between academy and industry, founded by nanotechnology world experts consultants, labnonstop's activity is mostly in academic institutes.

Labnonstop can solve your scientific startup problems by preforming custom R&D using our wide range of facilities, dedicated laboratories, expert team knowledge and scientific consulting, thus we are creating the success path to our clients.

Experties and consulting fields: Metabolism, Cancer, Organic Chemistry, Synthesis, Enzyme Immobilization, Chromatography, Surface Functionalization, Surface Analysis, Surface Characterization, Thin Film Transistor, Bioelectronic Device, Field Effect Transistor, Electron Microscopy, Nanomanufacturing, Personalized Medicine, Nanodevices, Nanomaterials, Wearable Sensors, E-Beam Lithography, Microelectronics, Device Fabrication, Chemical Sensing, 2D Materials, Nanoimprint Lithography, Self-Assembly, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Nanowires, Nanoelectronics, Thin Film Deposition, Nanotubes, Solar Cell, Molecular Electronics, Biomedical Devices, Microfluidics, Point-Of-Care Devices, 3D Printing, Biosensors, Nanofabrication, Fluorescence, Lab On A Chip, Microfabrication, Molecular Imprinting, Immunoassays, Aptamers, Mass Spectrometry, Metabolomics, Personalized Medicine, Coatings, Carbon Materials, Nanoparticles, Surface Modification, Bionanotechnology, Hydrogels, Semiconductor Devices, Sensors, Nanoscience, Interfaces, Macromolecules, Atomic Force Microscope, Inorganic Chemistry, Microscopy, Lithography, Surface Science, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Nanotube, Electron Microscopy, Graphene, Biochips, Chemical Separation, Catalysis, Photovoltaics, Quantum Dots, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biomaterials, Electrochemistry, Fuel-Cells, Electroanalytical Chemistry, Chemically Modified Electrodes, Electrochemical Sensors, Surface Chemistry, Electroanalysis , Nanotechnology, Trace Detection, Nanoelectrochemistry, Batteries


Atomic Layer Deposition,Amplifier,Analytical balance,Atomic Force Microscopy And Raman Analysis,Autoclave,Autolab Potentiostat,Biological hood,Centrifuge with temperature control,Clean Room Gases,Dicer,Electrophysiology,Evaporator for Solvents,Flash chromatography,Four point probe,Gel imaging,Glassware Kits for organic chemistry,Glove Box,High Precision Hot Plates up to 450°C,Incubator,Lock in amplifier,Machine press,Mask Aliner,Perilen Evaporator,PlamSens Electrochemical sensor,Plasma Cleaner,Polymerase Chain Reaction,Power supply,Probstation,Quantum efficiency,Quartz crystal microbalance,Rapid Thermal Processing,Rotating disc electrode,Scoda gel electrophoresis,Semi analytical balances,Spin coater,SpotBot® 2,Syringe pump,Thermocycler eppendorf,UV lamp,Vacuum oven,Vertical Gel Electrophoresis,Vortex,Water Purification Systems,florometer,lightmicroscope,pH Meter,plate reader tecan,spectrophotometer,

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Our consultants gained a lot of experience and knowledge while workinig in diffrent industries, and performing R&D over 25 years in applied science and nanotechnology.


While performing research and development on our clients projects we are maintaining absolute research confidences, We don't make IP claims over the research.

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