Customized R&D For Applied science and nanotechnology

Start your new scientific project with our nanotechnology world experts.

Customized R&D

Performing customized research and maintaining confidentiality


Providing consultation in a variety of fields in applied science and nanotechnology

Laboratory Equipment

Using a wide range of lab equipment and saving resources for our clients

Looking for scientific experts?

Labnonstop is a professional scientific consulting company in applied science and nanotechnology, with advance research and development capabilities, founded by world experts in nanotechnology, Labnonstop links between academic institutes and companies who need research and development services. Labnonstop can solve your scientific startup problems by performing custom R&D, using our wide range of laboratory equipment, dedicated laboratories, expert team knowledge in a variety of consulting fields in applied science and nanotechnology, thus we are creating the success path to our clients.

The increasing need of startup companies for research and product development and the search for qualified people who can help them to reach their goals led to a new nanotechnology company to gather a scientific team, laboratory space and scientific equipment to perform customized R&D and provide consultation services. having 25 years of experience and knowledge in a variety of consulting fields in applied science and nanotechnology, allow us to know exactly what our clients need and how to solve their problems, our scientific team gives a high quality services of laboratory guidance, and our technicians help us to conduct the research and prepare all equipment needed, while our clients are fully notified about the whole process.

Labnonstop gathered it`s best scientific team to provide consulting services and perform research and development for companies who seek for best results when going to production.

Vitaly Krivitsky CEO , Labnonstop Ltd.